Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I adore this cat.

She is the snuggliest of the kitties, often jumping into your lap when you are still at the table eating dinner (a discouraged behavior!).

She has a sixth sense about when you are planning on tossing the covers aside and actually get out of bed in the morning.  At this precise moment she comes and lays on your chest. 

She sometimes sighs as she purrs in contentedness.

She is a gorgeous jet black tabby, although her stripes have not been visible since she was a kitten. 

Her green eyes are often the only feature you can see in her entire face, making her look quite exotic.

zoey getting ready to pounce

The tips of her ears flare just a tiny bit, adding to her exotic good looks. 

She is the only cat that will play with Karma.

Her tail when she poufs is wider at the bottom than the top, and the hair stands up in a ridge along her backbone. 

She swishes her tail when she walks, in a sassy sashay.

She sticks close to home, never making us wonder where she's gone off to.

zoey stalks

She's a beautiful bundle of love.

Cheers - 
Gypsy Farmgirl loves her black cat Zoey

It takes forever to arrive, and then passes so quickly.  It's transient nature demands mindfulness and a slowness of pace to notice the details.

peony just budding open at Litengård - Little Farm

peony opening at Litengård - Little Farm

peony in full bloom

pink peony in full bloom

even the back side of a peony is perfect

The warmer weather invites exploration and play.

Karma looks for adventure

Karma thinks Zoey has some adventure in mind

Wherever you go, I will follow.

Thank you spring, for making me notice you.

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl revels in spring

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