Thursday, May 7, 2009

The robins are hatching!

We are so excited to announce the baby robins hatched yesterday! Well, 3 out of the 4 did anyway. The 4th blue egg is still in the nest. We've been keeping a close eye on mamma robin, who moved back into her nest about 2 weeks ago, which happens to be on the utility box right outside the kitchen window, offering us a great view. We've been respectful of her, being quiet in the kitchen, trying not to scare her off of the nest. When she leaves to relieve herself or eat, we have clammered up on the countertops to peer inside the nest. We were delighted when 4 bright blue eggs were discovered. robins eggs And ever since, we've kept a close eye on the nest any time she leaves it. But it was the kiddle's sharp eyes yesterday evening that noticed a tiny beak just barely visible from our angle. We all clambered for our cameras, eager to snap the first pictures of the newly hatched babies while mamma was still away. mouth agape That picture wasn't quite in focus, but was the only one we have so far of any of the babies with their mouths open. They were all pretty sleepy yesterday, not that I blame them. This morning, while I was out for my walk to the lake, sweetie was busy with the camera again, and we were amazed that the little naked babies have already sprouted fuzz! snoozin' We are just overwhelmed by all of the signs of spring here, so different than the muted signs in the city. Yes, we had birds at the townhouse, but not like this - not nesting outside our windows, not singing like crazy by the thousands right outside our doors. The green of chemically treated and pesticided lawns was not like the fresh green we see here, and the air did not smell so dewey clean. fuzzy babies We are indeed inundated and delighted by all of these things, awed by the abundant blessings we see and here around us each and every day. Peace and blessings - Victoria


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