Sunday, August 7, 2011



Recently I posted about the pathetic-ness of our garden at the Little Farm.

I didn't mention however that we're gonna have a helluva squash harvest this year.  From the remains of a squash or two I tossed in the compost pile some time last winter. The biggest, healthiest plant in the garden wasn't even planted by us.

Actually, the two biggest plants in the garden.  It appears there are two varieties of squash now competing for space in the compost bin.

I might have forgotten to turn the pile for a month few months.

I'm envisioned a whole new series of gardening books.  Maybe even a TV show. 

"Compost Gardening in 3 easy steps." 

Toss, Wait, Enjoy.

What surprises are turning up in your gardens this summer?


Jean said...

Never had much personal luck with compost pits.
When newly married - - newly graduated from college - - and newly bulging with my #1 son (aka bp) - I composted mostly coffee grounds, egg shells and vegetable peals in a bucket under the kitchen sink all winter and then come spring i dumped in some dirt, stirred and used my "enriched top soil" to plant hanging baskets for the front porch of our 1st house home in Casper. In a matter of weeks the petunias were fantastic and there were these wierd, big, fat green leaves filling in with great contrast. my grandmother-type next door neighbor lady diagnosed it as a healthy potato plant. I decided to pinch it off -vs- letting it break the pots or unearthing the flowers.
2nd attempt at compost pile was on the ranch when big K & little D were single digit ages. We had a corner in a pole fence that had been rounded off leaving a triangle area right at the edge of the garden. I dug the hole, dumped in the weeds/ etc and it got watered when we irrigated. It seemed ideal but it grew a lot of LARGE slugs that attracted an even LARGER REPTILE!! I learned 2 things - the previously mentioned food chain plus I learned that I can walk on the top pole of a 4 pole fence with perfect balance - a shovel in one hand and a 4 year old dangling from a tee shirt in the other hand. that compost pile ended in a gasoline acceleratored bonfire.
Now I haul my green waste to the city recycling site and occasionally BUY a truckload of compost from the city dump recycling compost pit. Works much better for me and it only took ONE huge snake to learn my lesson.

Enjoy your surprise squash.

Victoria Strauser said...

Haha - well I don't mind snakes one bit - keeps the rodents under control!

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