Friday, October 14, 2011

Aw Nuts


There are many things I'm learning at the Big Farm this year, even things that have nothing to do with alpacas or chickens.

Like how to spot and harvest wild ginseng.

And how to collect and crack hickory nuts.

If you're going to pick hickory nuts, I recommend taking along a couple of small children.  Preferably, ones that did not come from your own loins. 

That way you can enjoy them swinging from tree branches and hollering like Tarzan, burying your nuts in the sand before handing them to you, and emptying their Papa's bucket into yours, "just to help."

If you've never tasted a hickory nut before, you're in for a treat. If you can get into that shell (I was shown a way to do this with a vice, applying pressure from two directions just until it cracks) what rewards you will be something reminiscent of a pecan crossed with heaven.


A good hickory tree will yield a 3-gallon bucket full of nuts in 45 minutes of picking.

Allowing you and the children to "go nuts" in record time.


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