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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paleaku Peace Gardens - Big Island of Hawai'i


In keeping with our "do-as-close-to-nothing-as-possible-while-still-enjoying-the-wonders-of-Hawai'i" theme, we thought perhaps an educational outing that would help us learn the flora of this new environment would be in order.

We decided to head to the Paleaku Peace Gardens, a seven-acre garden with the theme of peace and harmony, which, it turns out, is right in the vicinity of the farm where we will be working. 

This garden boasts the only Galaxy Garden in the world, a garden representation of our Milky Way galaxy. Little did I know prior to my arrival here, at the center of our galaxy there is a black hole, and near that black hole resides Karma, a 4-month old male kitten, and his sister, Dharma.

These kittens seem to exist purely for the sake of offering visitors unbridled feline love and affection, something we were sorely lacking since leaving our clowder in WY last week. I soaked up as much of it as possible, as indicated by the severe amount of cat hair I found on my t-shirt later {well worth it}.

Any garden with affectionate feline residents is a good garden as far as I'm concerned, and definitely enhanced the pleasure of my visit there.

Unfortunately, none of the plants were labeled in the gardens, so we didn't really succeed in learning all that much about the flora of Hawai'i. We were told signs and labels disrupt the peacefulness of the visitor's experience.  My experiece was disrupted by not knowing what plants I was looking at.


It was still a lovely place, full of good energy and aesthetically pleasing.  {And friendly cats!} A picnic lunch under a ginormous ficus tree concluded our visit, and we went back to the cottage looking forward to our next visit, knowing we would soon be living just steps away.

Aloha -


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