Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We have lambs!


In honor of May Day, we ran up to the Amish Walmart and picked up the lambs we had put a deposit on back in March.

With the help of a borrowed horse trailer and the assistance of a young Amish fellow named Owen, we soon had the trailer loaded with fourteen sheep (eleven rams and three ewes) and headed back towards Nordic Hills Farm where we will board them for a few weeks until (fingers crossed) our farm loan comes through.

We decided to leave them on the trailer to process them - inspect and trim all their hooves and give them new ear tags that would identify them as our sheep.

I can't say I minded holding each of them and whispering into their woolly ears, telling them how much they were going to enjoy living on our farm and how we would take such good care of them. 

Four hours later we released the last couple of lambs into the pasture where they bounded away looking for their flock-mates.

Daffodil the Jersey cow looked on with curiosity. 

I looked on with happiness.  My first flock.  I'm a farmgirl shepherd now.

Cheers -


Jess said...

In a word? Jealous. ;)

Okay. I'm super happy for you! They're beyond adorable. Now I know where to come with all my sheep questions in a few years! Are they farm decoration or are they to generate income in some way?

Victoria Strauser said...

The premise to purchase was definitely for income - grass-fed lamb is a hot commodity from this region of WI... but I just enjoy having them around, too. Then again, I enjoy most farm animals. :)

Jess said...

Then I will definitely be coming to you with questions in the next year!

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