Saturday, June 30, 2012

The boys come home!

Boo shakes off some pesky flies

Our two alpacas Monet & Boo have been boarding at a friend's home since November, ever since we farmed out our critters in order to enjoy a winter in Hawaii.

Now with a farm of our own to call home, it was time to bring them home.

We picked them up after the Cameron Park Farmer's Market in La Crosse late Friday night, so unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them loading.

Our friends asked us multiple times, "Are you sure they'll load into your Suburban?"

They arrived at their farm in our 1971 Airstream travel trailer, so we figured we'd save on the gas bill this time and just load them directly into the 'burb for the hour drive home.

They loaded beautifully.

Monet hanging out in the tall grass

They had enough room back there to fit most of our small flock of lambs.  But like two siblings sitting in the backseat, no sooner had we pulled onto Hwy 33 than they started arguing.

And by arguing, I mean spitting.

Spitting isn't just gross, it stinks.  And we could smell it up front.

We yelled at them several times, threatened to stop the car and make them walk, to no avail.  The arguing continued.

"He has more room than me... He won't let me lie down... He's touching me..."

Finally we did stop the vehicle and opened up the back, pushing Boo past Monet so he would have a spot to lie down.

Which just goes to show you, if you want to transport livestock in your vehicle, stick with sheep and chickens.

Cheers -


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