Thursday, September 6, 2012

I should be picking pears... but a baby turkey roosting on my head is a lot more fun

Young turkey on Gypsy Farmgirl's shoulder

Like every household, I have a "To Do" list that is never-ending.

Take tonight, for example.  I should be picking the ripe pears on our pear tree.

Yes, we have a pear tree. 

In Wisconsin.

There they hang, with the ladder beside the tree, visible from my office window where I now sit, taunting me with their "Do This Now" attitude.

(WI pears have attitude, in case you weren't aware.)

Instead I spent some extra time sitting in the fenced in yard with my youngest batch of chickens, which also includes a handful of Guinea fowl and turkeys.

For some reason, despite the rest of this flock being wild beyond wild, these turkeys are tame as tame can be.

Young turkeys roosting on Gypsy Farmgirl's head

And if I happen to be sitting in their yard around sunset, the two females have decided that I make about as good a roost as any in the coop.

A note about a turkey roosting on your shoulder, or head - their happy little peeping noises that are so endearing are SUPER LOUD when expressed right into your ear.

Nevermind though, I'm in heaven.

The pears will have to wait.

Cheers -


Jess said...

My pears would wait too. :)

I have a peach tree, here in ND. Couple of years yet before we see if it works!

Victoria Strauser said...

Yay! We want peaches too!!

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