Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5-day old baby bunny update

close-up 5-day old New Zealand White rabbit
The kits that were born last Friday no longer look like tiny piglets - naked and wrinkled.

They've grown and filled out the wrinkles, along with sprouting a fine coat of white fur.

They now look almost rabbit-like.

5-day old New Zealand White bunny

If you are already familiar with our rabbit pens, which have slatted floors and are moved across the pasture twice/day, you're probably wondering, "How will they keep the babies in the pen?  Won't they fall through the slats?"

Well, in fact, yes, they would.  Once the babies start venturing outside the nest box we will indeed have to "baby proof" the pen.  To keep them from falling through.

cutie little bunny face
I had a mishap yesterday actually, when one of the sides came apart from the nest box and a baby wiggled out of the box and fell onto the grass below the pen. I found it and placed it back into the nest box.  It seems perfectly fine today.  And fixing the nest box is now our top priority this weekend. 

But for the next few days at least, Mama will still have unrestricted access to the pasture. 

And babies will remain in a pile, safely in the nest box.

5-day old New Zealand White rabbits

Cheers -


jenlarson said...

They are all so adorable!! What a nice anniversary gift:) Happy anniversary to both of you!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you Jen! It was a wonderful surprise!

Beth said...

So cute.. I love their ears!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thanks Beth - they really do look like little hippos, or piglets!

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