Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a new Gypsy joins the farm family

Gypsy hiking with me. Farm buildings in the background.

We recently went on holiday.

First to Deadwood, South Dakota where we met up with Papa Bear's family for a few days.

From there we drove to Billings, where Papa Bear's sister lives.

The next morning C-baby and I got on a plane heading for San Mateo, CA, to visit her godfather.

Papa Bear got back in his car and drove down to Sheridan, WY where his folks and many of his childhood friends still live.

While C-baby and I sat in 60-degree warmth on our friends' deck in San Mateo, Papa Bear visited friends and his folks in not-quite-done-with-winter-Wyoming.

And while he was there, finding things to occupy his time, he adopted a 5-year old Border Collie from friends of his folks.

{We had actually been looking for a farm/working dog but had not yet found the right one}

When C-baby and I got off the plane in Billings on our way back home we were greeted by a lot of excited wiggling and wet tongues.

"Puhhllleeeaaassseee throw the ball again!"{Oh and Gypsy was excited, too.}

On the entire 16+ hour ride home from Billings to Minneapolis, she was a complete gem.  She looked out the window the entire way and if I could have read her mind I believe it would have been saying something like, "Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto."

Gypsy is beautiful and sweet and full of love.

And if you have a few spare hours, she would like you to throw the ball for her.

"Will you throw the ball again please?"


And again.

And again.

"Ready to throw it again for me?"

Welcome, Gypsy.  I really hope you like it here on our Little Farm.

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl welcomes Gypsy Border Collie to the farm


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