Wednesday, May 28, 2014

evening meditation with kitties

Karma is on the fence about which kitty to stalk

It happens so rarely.

Too rarely.

Sitting still outside after a long, hard day.

Just sitting.

Not doing.

Watching and listening to the evening settle in around the farm.

A thought pops suddenly into my mind - "I should see if the bleeding hearts are still in bloom, and if so, grab my camera."

white and pink bleeding hearts at the Little Farm

I do so love the old-fashioned bleeding heart plant.  I have grown these at every property where I have been allowed to put things into the ground.

white bleeding heart plant

Victorian ladies dancing, that's what these little blooms remind me of. 

pink bleeding hearts at the Little Farm

The kitties come out of the house to join me, one by one.

ten ladies dancing...
Karma checks out my flowers

All except Kali, who is no doubt out having her own adventure stalking rodents in the pastures.

After snapping flower photos, I go back to the front steps and sit again.

The kitties put on a playful act for my entertainment.

Karma and Zoey take turns stalking Mojo.

Karma stalks Mojo

Can we be friends?

Mojo is not enticed to join in on the kitty games

Mojo pretends to ignore them all, confident that he is still the Big Dog of cats in the household.

Mojo is above kitten playfulness

So they commence to stalk each other.

Zoey stalkin

Karma investigates something to pretend she'snot stalking Zoey

Zoey is onto Karma's ploy

"Hmmm... foiled again."

I breathe the clean air and feel the dusk settling.

The kittens romp and play some more.

Zoey enjoys an evening outside

The grass is cool and smells so fresh.  A breeze flutters the leaves of the maple tree.

I am fully present, and content.

The End

Blessings -

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