Friday, June 18, 2010

Destiny's Cria

Betty called me today around 12:30 to tell me a baby was coming. Kelly was off today, so we changed clothes quick and sped the 5 miles over to her farm. We were there in time to see the entire birth. If you’re squeamish, you might want to scroll down a bit past the birth photos. What can I say, life on a farm ain’t always pretty. baby's coming! No, they’re not in a wind tunnel. wind tunnel? Destiny worked so hard to get this 17 pound baby out. here she comes! Betty put out a clean sheet for her to rest on while she gathered strength and took her first breaths. just born Mom was never far away. hello baby Within 10 minutes she was attempting to stand and walk. Albeit, not always gracefully. lookatme lookatme lookatme! But she was very strong, and she soon had it figured out. hello, mamma! Destiny had a nice full bag of milk for her baby, and the little one caught on quick to where the milk bar was. lunch! A few hours later she got to meet a playmate, Grace. Despite Grace being almost 20 pounds now, new baby made Grace look like a peanut. will you play with me? All in all, it was a perfect delivery of a healthy, beautiful baby girl. Oh, and one more thing – she can curl her tongue. Can you? i'm cuter than you are!


Jess said...

Just saw this on the "you might also like" section of your blog. The photo thumbnail looked interesting (what can I say). Love this!

Victoria Strauser said...

Haha - I feel very lucky every time I witness a birth. And I've seen quite a few now with the time at the Big Farm.

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