Monday, November 15, 2010

Final WY trip pics

Bighorn Mountains The view from the walking trail overlooking Sheridan and the Bighorn Mountains. On the drive home, we stopped off in Rapid City to visit friends and opted for a quick visit to Chapel in the Hills, a Norwegian Stavkirk (stave church) where Pappa B and I were married over eight years ago. It looks exactly as we remembered. I love this gift shop building. We want to build a chicken coop like this some day. Just a wee bit smaller. A very large flock of turkeys were wandering the steps of the church, and we startled a mule deer buck who headed up the steep hill behind the church just behind the turkeys. We had perfect roads all the way home. Which was good, because the morning after we arrived safely back in MN, the weather was drastically different.


J said...

Considering his ancestral environment, the little white one looks rather comfortable in that weather. I think I read somewhere that more alpacas and llamas are farmed outside of the Andes nowadays which is very interesting. very nice photography.

Victoria Strauser said...

In the US we have under 200,000 registered alpacas, and other non-S. Am. countries still trail behind ours. I think the altiplano regions of Peru, Chile and Bolivia still contain millions, but I cannot be certain of the numbers. Thank you for visiting!

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