Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Honeywiese on a Frosty Morning

The temps hovered around 10 degrees farenheit this morning with a wind chill of minus 4, so I bundled up in my Carhartt clothing to head out and check on the boys. For the first time since their arrival, I find them not only hanging out in the barn, but Boo was actually cushed (lying down) and did not jump up and run out of the barn when I stepped inside. After refreshing their hay troughs, I headed back to the house, but when I saw Honeywiese come out of the barn and lie down in the sun that hasn't shown much in over a week, I decided to grab my camera and head back outside for a few pics. I wonder if he is appreciating sunshine after so many dark days, as I am? It sure looks like it. Honeywiese in the sunshine Stay warm friends!


J said...

That's an alpaca for you, always lazing about without a care in the world. Quite a subtle moment you captured here, very nice, and give my regards to the HW, or, my quechua is non-existent but maybe Mishki means honey.

Victoria Strauser said...

Mishki - I like that. Very nice.

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