Friday, December 31, 2010

C-baby & the Boys

While Pappa Bear and I are away for a wedding in WY, our daughter is staying at the house and taking care of the boys (and all of the cats). This is a job that requires layers of warm clothes, Carhartt outerwear, and warm boots. Monet & C-baby She learned how to use the catch pen area to feed Monet & Boo. This gives them opportunity to eat without Honeywiese taking over. There is always a leader of every herd, and in this herd, it's Honeywiese. Since he's slightly over conditioned whereas Boo and Monet are not, we let them eat without interference. catch pen Having the boys trained to come into a catch pen is handy for oh so many reasons. Like the other day when Pappa Bear and I used it while trimming the nails on one of Honeywiese's feet. Honeywiese Yup, that'd be you, big guy. I know you don't like it, you are a master at avoidance tactics. But we know a few tricks ourselves, like using catch pens, and using minimal restraint while we work. I told C-baby not to worry, she wouldn't have to get up early enough to see this. Honeywiese at sunrise She was relieved. And we told her on every nice day (not raining, not snowing) she could put one of their flakes of hay out by the fence, so they could enjoy their breakfast in the sunshine. The Boys Once the hay goes down, Monet rarely lifts his head. Monet & Boo Kinda like me in front of a good bowl of soup. Eat first, breathe later. Nom! So far, C-baby seems to be enjoying her new responsibilities. I suppose I should warn her. Alpacas are addicting. Today, chores. Tomorrow, buy a farm. It's a slippery slope. Once hooked, there seems to be no cure. Honeywiese Cheers!


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