Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Grace

On our way back from my parents home on the north shore of Lake Superior on Christmas Day, we stopped by my mentor farm, Spirit Song Alpacas to visit Brigid and Grace, who we had not had a chance to visit in a couple of months. I hardly recognized Grace - no longer a little baby cria anymore, but half-grown already! Grace If I didn't already know this picture was taken two days ago, I would have sworn it was one of my many picture of Brigid when she was this age. Grace is a spitting image (excuse the pun) for her dam. Grace & Grand-dam Soloana With one major difference - it took months before we ever got a picture of Brigid without her ears back! (Something she still seems to do in front of a camera!) Grace & Brigid Although now that she is grown, Brigid is one of the sweetest alpacas in the herd. She allows me to walk right up to her and greet her, and even when she was full-term with Grace, uncomfortably waiting to give birth, she let me put my hands right on her sides and feel the baby moving. I hope Grace has inherited her personality. So far, it seems she has. Of course, we visited all the other babies as well. C-baby & babies It was difficult for me to tell some of them apart, there are so many blonde ones running around this year, and they have all changed so much in such a short time. Here is a picture of Brigid when she was younger, which I think really shows her spirit of mischievousness. Brigid Like mother, like daughter, me thinks. Cheers -


Anonymous said...

that dark brown...oh my!

Victoria Strauser said...

yes, one of the reasons we fell in love with Brigid - that color!

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