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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Singing the Blues in Paradise


I hesitate to write this post.  I am, after all, in Paradise for the winter, the Big Island no less. There really should be nothing to complain about.  I mean, really.

How can I be blue in a place where the days are always 75 degrees and sunny until noon.  After which it clouds over just in time for us to be finished with chores and have free time.

And how can I be blue when the ocean is only 3 miles away.  A 1000' foot decent that takes over an hour to walk down, and even longer to walk back up.  Under a cloudy afternoon sky.

With all of the tropical fruits we can manage to stuff into our recipes.  Like avocado scrambled eggs, PB & avocado sandwiches, and avocado spaghetti. (I've even heard of some intrepid souls making avocado chocolate pudding pie and avocado lime cheesecake bars).

And why should it matter that all of the amenities are approximate 6 miles into town, and the last bus north leaves at 9:30am, long before your shift ends?

Yes, there is hitchhiking.  But we suck at that.  I was even told, "Wow, even the ugly interns have had no trouble hitchhiking into town."

Um, is that suppose to make me feel better?

Yes, trapped in Paradise, with no vehicle, no access to a decent grocery store, no buses except on Mondays (and even then sometimes they won't pick you up), and no good at hitchhiking.

Yes, this is Paradise people.  You should all be jealous and wish you were here.

Actually, I do wish you were all here.  With us.  Being perpetually stuck on the farm wouldn't be nearly as bad that way.

We could try out that avocado cheesecake and drink cheap gas station beer (only a mile hike for that) and watch the sun sink into the pale pink haze above the horizon. 

And somehow, with all of you here, it would feel more like Paradise again.

Aloha -


Jess said...

"even the ugly interns..." Ummm... wow.

I do wish I was there. Even if we couldn't go anywhere. :)

Victoria Strauser said...

It would be a hoot!

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