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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Snorkeling at Two Step, Keone'ele Cove, Pu'uhonua o Honaunau

You know those terrible photos people take with their underwater cameras?  And then want to show you all of them?  And you're like, "Yeah, dude, that looks like a blue screen with squiggles on it." and they're all like, "That's a shark! Can't you see his fin right here?"

Yep, I'm gonna show you some of those awful photos. But without any sharks.  I promise.

The exciting thing (for us) is that our box finally arrived this week, the box we mailed to ourselves on 11/29 from Sheridan, WY.  It only took three weeks to get here.  Inside the magical box was our 3-month supply of supplements, bug dope, suncreen... and the waterproof camera case for my old little Canon Elph SD1000. 

{Thus all of the terrible underwater photos}

But instead of fish photos you can't really see the fish in anyway, we thought you might enjoy some random pictures of us being silly.  And one really big sea turtle.  (I'll let you decide which pic that is.)

To celebrate the holidays.  And because, who gets to snorkel on Christmas, for goodness' sake?!

You can see I'm even wearing red, in honor of Santa and poinsettias.  Which we happen to have here on the farm. 

{Poinsetties, not Santa. Although Santa was here today.}

I know, right? It's like totally awesome Dude!

{"Mr. Turtle is my father!"}

{Name that movie!}

BTW, snorkeling at Two-Step is a Hawaii MUST DO.  Not only are there gobs of coral and beautiful reef fish swimming around in the shallow water, the bay is a resting area for spinner dophins, who sometimes hang out with the snorkelers. 

Which is what happened a couple of weeks ago when Papa Bear and I went swimming. 

We swam with the dolphins!

The best Christmas gift, ever.

{You're welcome sweetie.  Don't look for any more gifts under the tree, 'cuz that was it. Well there's no tree to look under, either. Maybe next year.}



Jess said...

That sea turtle is magnificent! Makes me homesick for the time we lived in NC where I volunteered for a Sea Turtle Rehab Hospital. You would love that place.

Victoria Strauser said...

Awww that sounds like a really cool place. Wondering now how you ended up in the Dakotas?!

Jess said...

North Carolina wasn't home. My hubby was in the Marine Corps for the first years of our marriage. We're both from ND originally, and it is Home. :)

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