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Monday, January 2, 2012

Jungle Shower


I know you've all been wondering, "How do you take care of yourselves in your primitive-tropical-Hawaiian-jungle-environment with no flush toilets or hot running water?"

I'm here to show you how we take our jungle showers.

Sadly, I lost the very adorable picture I had of Papa Bear in the jungle shower when my laptop went on the blitz and died. 

{Don't worry, it wasn't a Nudie-Judy, and if my laptop is resuscitated I will post that pic here.}

SO basically the shower works like this: 
  • Fill shower bag halfway with water.
  • Place bag, black side up, on black tailgate on black tarp. (Breadfruit optional)
  • Let sit in the sunshine for several hours.
  • Hoist bag up to shower room with ingenious pulley system.
  • Take hot (but quick) shower in Jungle Shower.
This system works brilliantly as long as the sun shines.

Here on the Kona coast, the sun usually shines in the morning, then clouds up by 12:30pm or so (just in time for us to get done with our work shifts).

A shower around 4:30pm on a cloudy day will be a very brisk shower.  I'm not tough enough for that treatment, so when that happens, I take a kettle of near boiling water, mix a little at a time with the shower bag water in a water pitcher and pour the warmed water back into the bag. 


Just like showering at home.  But without so much water. 

Aloha -


Jess said...

That's how we heat up the kid's pool in the summer. Stretch the hose out in the sunshine, wait a few hours and then let her go.

I'd do the kettle trick too on cloudy days, cold showers aren't my thing either.

Victoria Strauser said...

Haha - great trick. Now if I could just get it to warm up on cloudy days, too...

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