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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Grateful For Tonight


It's been a tough six weeks since our arrival here in early December.  Technical, transportation, physical, mental and emotional challenges have plagued us from the get-go. 

I broke my new Nikon P&S camera (scratched the lens badly) our first day on the island, then broke my old backup P&S Canon (seawater leaked into the waterproof case).  My work laptop died completely.

It really is a wonder I've been able to post at all.

But there are always good things in every tough situation, and tonight I am choosing to focus on a few of those things that buoy me up and make me smile.

Sorting mac nuts near the pullet house. How I miss the happy sounds of my flock at home.

My nightly ritual of climbing the highest hill on the property and watching the sun sink into the clouds over the ocean

Greeting the family of Kalij pheasants lingering near the outhouse on  my return to our tiny, cozy cabin.  The male offspring still has not gotten the hang of jumping through the fence, so I often see him running back and forth along the fence with his parents patiently waiting on the other side.

My crabby husband, reading an iBook on his phone in bed. 

{OK, so it doesn't make me smile that he's crabby.  But it does make me smile that he's my  husband, despite his occasional donning of the Crabby Pants.}

Having a computer that works so I can write when stuff piles up in my head. {Thanks to my crabby husband for the backup laptop}.

All of my peeps - literal and figurative - back on the mainland rooting for us as we hang in there for these last two weeks.

We couldn't do this without all of y'alls support.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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