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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oahu Circle Tour - Waikiki Beach and Parasailing


Our time in Hawaii is quickly drawing to a close. After two months working on the Big Island, Papa Bear and I completed a 6-day circle tour of the Big Island and then hopped over to Oahu to meet up with our daughter for six more days of bliss before we all return to the Midwest.

To celebrate being together again as a family we unanimously decided to cross one more thing off our respective Bucket Lists - parasailing!

After a quick Google of the available parasailing outfits we went with X-treme Parasail which offered a free trolley pickup near the hotel, to and from the waterfront.

It didn't take long to load the boat and head out of the harbor to the area we'd be sailing. The wind was picking up and the waves were getting choppy, but the captain was confident we'd have a good ride.  I was just hoping Papa Bear wouldn't get seasick as he had several times during our water-based activities on the islands.

Life jackets were handed out and a crew member helped us into our harnesses.  C-baby and I were first up and we inched ourselves backwards across the back deck of the boat wondering just exactly what the process would be for takeoff.

We didn't have long to wonder - we were airborne before we knew it.  700' above the ocean and gazing out over Honolulu is a sight we won't soon forget.

At one point C-baby pointed to a shadow on the ocean surface and asked what I thought it was. "Our parasail shadow," came my benign explanation.  "Oh.  I was hoping it was a whale.  Or shark or something exciting."

Umm... no sharks, thanks.

As part of the deal towards the end of our flight the captain slowed the boat enough that the parasail dropped slowly to the ocean and he dipped us quickly into the waves before gunning the boat and lifting us up again.

{Another good reason we don't want to see sharks below us, me thinks.}

The water was cold and exhilarating, our wet legs sprouting goosebumps on our wind-whipped legs. All too soon, the ride was over.

Our daughter went up again with Papa Bear and had another great sail. On their way back down they got a full body dip.  Off in the distance I saw a whale jump out of the water.

The rest of the time we got to enjoy watching one pair of tourists after another going up, up, up and away, Papa Bear doing his best to squelch his queasiness and me fighting a touch of my own. We were both successful, our first activity on water that didn't end up with him hanging over the side rails.

Both of us were happy to get back onto solid land again and fill our crops with the food that always magically aids my queasy stomach - popcorn.  Don't ask me why, but it works.  Every time.

After all of that excitement it was a no-brainer to lie around on Waikiki Beach for the rest of the afternoon.  The sun was shining, the waves mellow, the water warm, and the beach was packed, especially compared to the Big Island beaches we had enjoyed for two months.

But enjoyable nonetheless, as only a Hawaiian beach can be to non-islander escaping from a Midwest winter.

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Jess said...

That sounds amazing, and I'm so glad your daughter could join you!

Victoria Strauser said...

She had such a great time, as we did!

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