Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forgetting my Felines

Mojo takes a stretch in the grass

Mojo, Kali and Zoey would like to express their disappointment in how little I blog about them.

Kali hunts for shrews

In my own defense, I don't think of them as "farm animals."  I think of them as "family members." And I don't generally blog about my family.

Zoey hunts

I mean, how interesting can it possibly be to talk about how Papa Bear is making chicken wire covers for the two kiddie pools we found in the rafters of his shop garage, which we're turning into brooders for the new chicks/broilers/turkeys and guinea keets?

Mojo snoozes

It's way more interesting to talk about getting up at 5:00am this morning to weed-whack and move the lambs to a new pasture before the heat index killed us, and how as soon as we had them in their new paddock, they promptly escaped and romped about the yard for awhile before we could lure them back in and mend the gaps.

Kali snoozing

So my dear felines, I may forget to post about you, but it's not because you are not as important as the lambs.

You are quite important to us of course. 

Zoey enjoys the windowsill

Please take this post as a small token of my appreciation to all you do for us around here (mainly, sleep, eat grass and bugs and kill shrews and throw up on things).

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl loves her kitties


Jess said...

I would have to argue that all your posts are interesting, including the apparently as-yet-unwritten kiddie-pool-brooder (bring it, lady). But the lovely kitties? Yes, don't forget about them!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you Jess! You can now see brooder pics on my Broiler post from today :)

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