Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meet Betty White and her Flock

The new guys in the flock

So, no more holding out, I know you want to meet the new flock.  These pics were taken at just a few days old, and wouldn't you know it, these peeps are already two weeks old now.  Where does the time go?

In case you're wondering where you can order onesie-twosie chickens (many mail order hatcheries have a minimum order of 15-25 of one breed) Ideal Poultry allows small orders and gave us great service and all our chicks arrived in perfect health. 

So without further ado, may I present our next generation of layers:

Five Guinea keets of unknown gender (referred to as a Straight Run).  We bought these for predator alerts (they raise a ruckus any time they see something unfamiliar on the farm) and also because they are known to be tick eating machines.

Two Lavender:

Lavender Guinea Keet

 Two Pearl:

Pearl Guinea Keet

One White.  Her name is Betty.  White.  And since we don't know if she's a he, we're also reserving the name Bob. White. Because I think that's funny.

White Guinea Keet

Five bantam Silkies - also a straight run.

Two white:

White Bantam Silkie Chick

Two black:

Black Bantam Silkie Chick

One pheasant (we had two pheasant but unfortunately one died last week).  We needed more Silkies because Frickin says she'd like someone her own size around the hen yard thank-you-very-much:

Partridge Bantam Silkie Chick

Two Buff Orpington pullets (one of my favorites from last year's flock, Little Miss Sunshine, is also a Buff O):

Buff Orpington Chick

Two Golden Sex-Links aka Gold Star pullets - also in my flock from last year that we especially loved:

Gold Star Chick

Two Barred Rock pullets (also in our flock last year):

Barred Rock Chick

Two Black Australorp pullets:

Black Astralorp Chick

Two standard Americana pullets (aka Easter Eggers, which laying light blue/green eggs):

Americana Chick

Two bantam Americanas of unknown gender:

Bantam Americana Chick

And last but not least, two Partridge Rock pullets:

Partridge Rock Chick

We also ordered 4 Blue Slate turkeys from Cackle Hatchery when we ordered our broiler chicks.  They are the sweetest birds ever, calmer and less flighty than the chickens.  I hope their sweet disposition remains as they grow up.

Blue Slate Turkey Chick

I haven't named the 23 chickens yet, so if you have any suggestions please shout them out in the comments.

Cheers -


jenlarson said...

Cute new peeps! Who knew there were so many different kinds to pick from? I love the silkies with their furry feet ;)

Victoria Strauser said...

Yes there are a lot! And I love those fuzzy feet too. :)

Jess said...

Yay for white silkies! :)

I've heard baby pheasants are tough to keep alive. Only losing one I think you did great!

Victoria Strauser said...

Well it's just a pheasant colored Silkie, so hopefully it's as hardy as my other Silkie!

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