Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chop Wood, Carry Water

in the old oak tree

There is a Zen saying, "Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water."

I don't claim to be enlightened, but I do know one thing - I carried a lot of water this summer.

And now, wood cutting season has officially begun.

working on the big oak

Last weekend, with the help of our friends, we began dismantling a big oak that came down on the property last summer.

With the few daylight hours we had to work with, we managed to get two pickup loads cut and brought up to the house.

working the big oak

That was enough for these non-wood-carrying muscles to deal with.

After that we celebrated by eating pizzas and watching a movie, sending the kids into the bedroom to watch their own movie.

hauling wood

The day was exhausting.

And lovely, with perfect, nearly 70-degree weather and sunshine.

a rock, a hill, sunshine.  what more could a kid ask for?

In November!

I only hope the weather holds out a bit longer as we continue the process of downing the big oak.

a little imagination makes a tree a house, a hillside a castle

So that all winter long I can feel grateful for the extra warmth this supplemental heat will provide.

Because as much as I love the Midwest, and farming, and doing chores...

helmet head

I hate being cold.

Cheers - 
Gypsy Farmgirl hauls wood


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