Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why I think Dr. Seuss and God must've been friends

Guineafowl - rather suspiciously Seuss-looking

That is the only explanation I can come up with for the ridiculous character that is the Guineafowl. 

Here's how I think it happened.  This was waaaayyy before Dr. Seuss was born, so obviously his spirit was hanging out with God as God was creating the creatures of the earth.

Dr. Seuss:  "Hey God, what's shakin'?  You've been awfully busy this week, I see you created an entire planet!"

God:  "Yo, Theodore, nice to see you!  I'm glad you're here - Yeah, I've been burning the candle at both ends with this new project, and I'm getting exhausted coming up with all these new creatures to inhabit the Earth.  I need to take a tea break.  You wanna take over for a minute?"

Dr. Seuss:  "Sure.  Let me handle this one.  What are we creating?"

God:  "Some kind of ground-nesting, seed and insect-eating bird for Africa."

Dr. Seuss:  "No problem, I'm on it.  Go enjoy your tea."

*** 15 minutes pass... but who knows what a "minute" was before there were man-made clocks? ***

Male Guineafowl at Gypsy Farmgirl's farm

God: "Hey there Theodore... how's the creation coming along?"

Dr. Seuss:  "Fine, just fine.  Came up with a dandy this time I think!"

God: "Polka dots.  Nice touch."

Dr. Seuss:  "Thanks!  Took me awhile to figure out how to apply that layer, so that's why they're necks are a different pattern."

Whachu lookin' at, Willis?

God: "Um... what are those things on its face?"

Dr. Seuss:  "Wattles.  Duh.  I thought you knew everything?"

God:  "Oh, right, of course.  And... why is it bald? With a crest?"

Dr. Seuss:  "That's its helmet.  So that it looks tough.  This is Africa, right?  Gotta be a tough bird to live there."

Guineafowl on the coop roof being LOUD


Dr. Seuss: "Oh, well, that's the sound they make whenever they're startled, happy, sad, bored or roosting."

God:  "Yeah... well, I better get back at it.  Thanks for your, um, help today."

Dr. Seuss:  "No worries, Mate.  Call me anytime. I have a great idea for a Zinniga-Zanniga tree!"

Cheers -


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