Monday, February 4, 2013

a watched turkey never lays an egg

Jenny from the box

How I spent this eve: 

Put on 20# of insulated Carhartts and trek to barn through fresh snow to shut the poultry door. 

Notice turkey acting strangely. Intuit she is going to lay an egg. 

Wait 45mn for her to lay egg so it won't freeze over night. 

Watch turkey climb into a chicken-sized nest box. Wait for turkey to lay egg. 

Watch turkey get stuck in chicken nest box. 

Take down entire next box unit (10-box unit) and remove turkey. 

Go inside to find something turkey can use as nest box. 

Remove 20# Carhartts. 

Find cardboard box. 

Reapply 20# Carhartts. 

Take cardboard box to haymow and fill with hay. Bring box to barn. 

Find turkey egg in the middle of barn floor (still warm). 

Leave cardboard nest box in barn. Return to house. 

Remove 20# Carhartts. Place egg safely on table with other eggs. 

The End.


marlene said...

The turkey got stuck? Lol. Poor thing :)

Drummond Farms Alpacas and Woolens said...

Love it!

Victoria Strauser said...

Yeah... 10+# turkey in a 5# chicken nest box! She's OK now though - glad I waited around or it might not have turned out so good. :)

jenlarson said...

oh my - she was quite stuck! Thankfully you didn't accidentally step on the egg when you walked back into the barn!

Victoria Strauser said...

I was watching pretty carefully since I expected there might be an egg when I returned. :) I found one the day before that had been stepped on/cracked. :(

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