Wednesday, February 13, 2013

how to clean the refrigerator in three easy steps

Cleaning the fridge ain't so bad

  1. Unload the contents of your cooler onto your ginormous chest freezer
  2. Wipe out inside of cooler with hot soapy water and sponge
  3. Replace items into cooler

What's in YOUR refrigerator?

The farm kitchen didn't come with a fridge. And we haven't felt like we really need one, what with our ability to make ice in the chest freezer and our collection of Coleman coolers.

When we have company and need to stock up on dairy supplies and leftovers we just dig out another cooler and jug of ice and we're good to go.

And when the leftovers are gone, the extra cooler goes back into storage.

As a bonus, the $25/month we save on our electric bill allows me to use my electric space heater in the office more often and not feel guilty about it.

Easy peasy local cheesy!


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