Saturday, June 15, 2013

visiting our pastured pigs

happy pastured pigs

Our friends at the Big Farm raise pigs every year on pasture, moving them around in electric net fences like the ones we use with our chickens.  But pig-sized.

pigs on pasture - porcine perfection

So two of these piggies will be ours this fall.

even pastured pigs need a little supplemental feed to thrive

In the mean time, they will root in the earth, clean out tons of brush in the old pastures, drink in the sun, eat hickory nuts, roots, and lots of green leafy things, and play in the mud holes they create.

pigs love to eat leafy green things

In short, they will have the best piggy lives possible, free of hunger, predation and fear.

pig tails

Thank you, piggies.
Gypsy Farmgirl visits her pastured pigs


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