Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the wait is over - grace's first cria arrives 12 days overdue


Aspendance Valiant's Grace and female cria

Meet our first cria of the season - a true black female out of our bay black dam Aspendance Valiant's Grace and Kinney Valley Alpacas true black male Our Peruvian Midnight Man.

This makes an unbroken chain in Grace's ancestry of females having females as their first crias as far back as the registry goes in the USA, 8 generations!

Aspendance Valiant's Grace's first cria, a true black female

She looks exactly like her mama did when she was first born (below), so I'm hoping she'll grow into the same stylish looks as her mama.

C-baby and baby Grace

Both mama and baby are doing just fine so far, even for this first-time mama - she must take after her dam Brigid (who is also now overdue!).

Meanwhile, the boys are arguing constantly over who's the daddy.

Boo & Monet spit-fest!

{PS - don't tell them, but neither of them are!}

Who could ask for anything more on a Tuesday?

What's that you say?  There's more?  Oh, and the baby heritage turkeys, at only a month old, are starting to strut already!  I nearly died {again} of cuteness overload when I saw them strutting their tiny stuff this afternoon.

Blue Slate and Chocolate Pencilled Palm turkey poults strutting

Tom & Tom (collectively referred to as Tom-Tom) have been giving them all a good show so it's no surprise they're all starting so early.

Tom-Tom, aka #you'llneverbedinnerifyoustaysosweet

Happy Tuesday y'all -
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jenlarson said...

Congratulations! They are both beautiful! You had a much more exciting Tuesday than I did ;)

Beth said...

What a fun Tuesday you had! They are so flippin cute!

Victoria Strauser said...

:) Thank you both!

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