Thursday, July 25, 2013

baby #2 arrives and I breathe a sigh of relief

Bella Noche stands oblivious to her half-brother's pending birth

It all started with a nose bumping the back end. 

I was out doing a farm check between conference calls and I just had this hunch that I should go check on Brigid.  I noticed the "bump" immediately. 

My first thought was "Finally!" After waiting for 17 days I was ready for this baby.  I'm sure Brigid was even more ready. 

Bella however is completely oblivious to the pending arrival of her half-brother/great-uncle.

My second thought was, "This baby is trying to come out the rectum!"

My third thought was, "I hope she delivers before I have to get on my two-hour training call!"

I needn't have worried.  The baby found the right spot to exit Brigid's womb.  Nose followed by hooves followed by body.  Safely on the ground just in time for my phone call.

Brigid in process of delivering her cria

The entire process took only 30 minutes. 

Cria nearly delivered now

Bella finally figured out something was going on.  The playmate she'd waited for for over three weeks had arrived!

Bella greets her new playmate

It was a dark brown male, his color the spitting image of his mama's.  It wasn't long before he was up on those gangly legs and figuring out his new world.

Brigid's cria was up and walking within an hour after delivery

I don't know about Brigid, but I was sure proud.  And relieved.  As once again I had to hit the road for work for a week shortly after the baby was born.

Brigid and Cocoa

Our daughter has recommended calling him "Cocoa."  I think that might be just right.

Cheers -


Drummond Farms Alpacas and Woolens said...

Sweet pictures and congratulations!

jenlarson said...

Very cool! They are surprisingly skinny when they are born...but seem to fluff out quite nicely :) What a handsome little guy! Congratulations!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you both! Yes they are QUITE gangly upon arrival! They've all been doing great though!

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