Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sheridan Elk's Youth Rodeo 2013 - Monkey on a Rope

one little monkey hanging on a rope...

Participants pay to play this non-rodeo event, a time-filler as rodeo scores are being tallied and winners are being determined.

The object of the game is for two riders to come out on horseback, one of which has to catch a rope and dangle while his/her partner takes the horse around a barrel and then back to pick them up again.

Needless to say this combination of maneuvers leaves much room for error - and comedy.

young or old, girls or boys can all try their skills at monkey on a rope

little monkey on a rope - Sheridan Elk's Youth Rodeo 2013

hang on little monkey!

hang on little monkey!

almost there!

got it!


one big monkey hanging on a rope...

um, about that maneuver...


is this what they call sidesaddle?

ruh roh Reorge...

here we go!

becoming the monkey

hang on monkey!

I'll just hang around here for awhile...

so this is what they meant by "tie a knot and hold on..."

the tongue helps give you extra gription

she'll be coming 'round the barrel when she comes...

does this horse have a "reverse" gear?

feet... are... off... ground...

I'm not sure this horse is too excited about this...

cowgirls just wanna have fun

here... we... go!!!

whacha doin'?  oh, just hanging around...

makin' it look easy

just about got it...


the end of our monkey tale

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl visits the Sheridan Elk's Youth Rodeo


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