Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sheridan Elk's Youth Rodeo 2013 Part II

coming out of the chute

Rodeo photos part one can be found here.

Of all the events I watched at the 2013 Elk's Youth Rodeo this year, by far my favorite activity was just watching everybody.  Horses, cowboys and cowgirls of all ages, denim, hats, ropes, and everywhere, color.

There is something thrilling about being so close to so much muscle and power, and I felt very small as I threaded my way between the horses in the lane ways between the arenas.

People watching at the Sheridan Elk's Youth Rodeo

Every direction I turned there was something I wanted to capture - some new breathtaking or fascinating aspect of the rodeo.

2014 Wyoming Rodeo Princess and Junior Princess waiting to herd calves out of the arena

There were of course the animals - without which it would not have mattered the skill of the rider, as there would have been nothing to compete on or with.

watching the crowd


horse whispering
  waiting to be called
horse tail braid
herding calves

which way do we go?
in the holding pen

in the holding pen
Relaxing after a long hot day

And the riders, who ranged in age from 3-17.

tiny cowgirl with tiny puppy

all ready for goat tail tying
"what time did you get in the goat tail tying?"

"Am I ever going to be called?"
queueing up

a young cowboy practices his roping technique

a young cowboy practices his roping technique

a young cowboy practices his roping technique

a young cowboy practices his roping technique

waiting for her next event
a cowboy waits and watches

lining up for the next event

Plus a whole slew of mamas, papas, siblings and rodeo volunteers.  The entire rodeo is run on volunteer power and coordinated by the Sheridan Elk's Lodge 520

Elk's volunteer fixes the electronic eye on the chute

Volunteers at the south arena

A volunteer steadies a horse while a contestant ties a goat

It was amusing to see how many papas had shirts of a similar color to their cowboys/cowgirls.

Matching papa and cowboy

The Prizes

At the end of the rodeo there was also a very amusing event called "Monkey on a Rope" which I've posted separately.  It is not one of the official events of the rodeo, it is held so that the tally keepers have time to check and verify their numbers before the awards ceremony.  Once all the scores are tallied and the checks written, the awards ceremony begins.

Fremont Motors donated a one-year lease of a Ford truck to the Senior All Around winner

Cash and awards of $68,650 were given away at the end of the 2013 rodeo.  Fremont Motors donated a one-year lease of a Ford truck for the Senior All Around, won by 17-year old Casey Rae Reimler from Rozet, WY.

The All Around Youth award, a Jackson three horse slant load trailer was presented to 9-year old Harlee Mullens from Bokchito, OK.

saddles were given to the All Around winners from each age group

There were also saddles, trophies, belt buckets, cash and scholarships to honor the winners.

At the end of the two days of events, my feet were tired, my camera dusty and my SD card was full.

Y'all come back now, you hear?

horses being led away at the end of the Sheridan Elk's Youth Rodeo

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl loves to visit the Sheridan Elk's Youth Rodeo


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