Thursday, February 27, 2014

weathering the arctic winter

Such sweetness

I try to keep a good attitude, I really do, but lately this extended deep freeze and wind chills to the double digits below zero has been driving me cranky.

Elli whispers secrets to another sheep
"Psst: wanna hear a secret? Winter is never going to end!!"
Chores last eve got me so riled up I smashed my empty buckets and sled together just to keep from breaking something more valuable in my frustration.

Gypsy waits patiently for a game of fetch

And it's not even like there were things going wrong.

Granted, the sled always seems to tip over with full buckets of water now as I move over the frozen river of ice that used to be a driveway.

Papa Bear snuggles with Hunny, our Velveteen Lop rabbit

And I fell down on the ice while smashing aforementioned buckets together.

And I get awful tired of lugging buckets of water out of my bathtub, the outside water spigot having been frozen since early December.

Gypsy wonders when the next play session will be
really, who wouldn't smile at this face?
But it was more than that.

I've just plain had enough of this winter.  It's time to let up.  It's time to crack the lid on this chest freezer and give us some room to breathe again.

Little flock of sheep at the Little Farm

So to cheer myself up I'm posting some photos here of the things that still make me happy.

To highlight how much I still have to be grateful for, despite my weariness and crankiness and dwindling propane and frosty windows.

Jack Frost on my kitchen window

I hope they bring a smile to your face, too.

Cheers -

Gypsy Farmgirl is tired of this arctic winter

{P.S. - if you missed my post about adopting Gypsy, our border collie, feel free to read it here!}


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