Sunday, November 9, 2014

hunnies bunnies

Quick Silver - little Velveteen Lop Mini Rex

Our Velveteen Lop Mini Rex bunnies turned 5 weeks old this week.

Velveteen Lop Mini Rex - will her ears be up or lopped?

And you know what that means - soon they will be old enough to wean and find new homes.


It has been hard for us to choose who will stay behind, to be Hunny's bunny buddy.

Did I mention they are litter box trained already?

litter box trained Velveteen Lop Mini Rex bunnies

It's such a tough decision. Too much cuteness.

a basket full of Velveteen Lop Mini Rex bunnies

Currently we're leaning towards keeping two of her daughters, the darkest grey which we've been calling Kohl, and one of the brown ones which we've dubbed Molasses.

Molasses peeks over the basket

They are wonderful at cheering you up when you're having a bad day.  Recently the babies took a trip to visit a friend who was feeling sad.

Hunny our Velveteen Lop peeks in at her babies

It's really hard to be sad with a couple of bunnies in your lap.

Velveteen Lop Mini Rex bunnies Molasses and Kohl

Because we've been socializing these babies since their first days, they are all quite calm and love to sit in a lap and be pet.

Molasses peeks

I'm surprised to admit it, and Papa agrees, baby bunnies are even more fun to raise than lambs or crias.

hmmm.... can I hop out of here?

You get a lot more "hands on" time with these babies, and when socialized properly, they really enjoy spending time with their caregivers.


Wherever they end up next, someone is sure to be as smitten by them as we are.

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl loves her Velveteen Lop Mini Rex bunnies


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