Monday, November 3, 2014

what you cannot see

sunrise over LItengård - Little Farm

It's easy to photograph the main event of the moment....

breathtaking sunrise

the animals going about their morning routines...

Oakley considers the news that Paprika shares with him

but what you cannot see, perhaps just is well, is the photographer in her fuzzy red bathrobe, black stocking hat, blue muck boots, standing on the split rail fence for a better shot...

Berrit, Icelandic ewe at Litengård

you cannot hear my bantam rooster Allspice singing his tiny little heart out, or his flock of hens clucking as they exchange their morning chicken gossip... 

morning gossip at Litengård - Little Farm

I wish you could.  It is all so lovely and wonderful and sometimes, hilarious. 

Especially the photographer in her fuzzy red bathrobe and muck boots. 

Cheers - 
Gypsy Farmgirl captures the sunrise


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