Monday, October 20, 2014

the sheep are sheared, the alpacas are confused

Icelandic ewes and lambs grazing at Litengård Little Farm

We sheared the Icelandic ewes this weekend, then tucked them into the cheep shed for a couple of nights to get used to having all of their warm fuzzies removed.

Berrit and Elli graze in fields at Litengård

When we let them back out into the paddock, the alpacas were very, very confused.  I've never seen Oakley stand in one spot for so long, not moving, just watching.

Oakley stares at the shorn Icelandic sheep

Oakley stares at the sheep

Oakley transfixed by the sight of sheared sheep

Oakley, with Grace in the background

The girls were also momentarily confused, although they figured it out before Oakley did.

the girls stare at the sheep for a bit, too

Grace watches the sheep

The sheep were of course oblivious to the confusion they were causing.

oblivious sheep

Cheers -
Gypsy Farmgirl shears sheep


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