Friday, October 16, 2015

her name was lolah

potting up a pineapple that has been rooting in water

For a year and a half we've had a pineapple rooting in a Mason jar on the windowsill of a west facing window in our kitchen.  This weekend she finally got a new home. 

Sweetgrass turkeys oversee potting up a pineapple

To root a pineapple, first twist off the top of any pineapple from the grocery store.  Peel back the bottom scales until you expose the tiny roots.  Place it in water so the roots are covered.  Then wait to see if it takes.  

Fill your pot with cactus potting soil for potting up a pineapple 

The first one we tried worked, the second one did not. As I said, she grew quite happily in her Mason jar for over a year before we potted her up. To pot a pineapple, it is recommended to use cactus potting soil.  Papa also found this gorgeous, clearance-sale self-watering pot in what I think is a wonderful shade of Hawaiian blue.

potting up a pineapple is as easy as 1-2-3

There are several videos on-line about how to grow pineapples.  Basically it's having a big enough pot, and a warm and sunny window that does not get too cold.  If you're lucky you may even get a tiny pineapple to eat after several years of growing her. 

don't forget to water her after you pot up your pineapple!

We came up with the name "Lola," which Kelly then amended to have the spelling "Lolah," because if you rearrange all the letters in her name you can also spell "aloha." She is heading for a big window in a classroom in a school in La Crosse.  

As usual, the turkeys kept a close eye on the entire process. Nothing escapes their eagle eyes.

Sweetgrass jakes strut their stuff

Aloha -
Gypsy Farmgirl loves growing pineapples

P.S. - several of these photos were taken by Papa, and all of them were on his iPhone. I tried centering the photos but even though it shows them that way in the editor, they don't "stick" in that position on publish.  If anyone knows how to fix this issue please shoot me a note.  Thanks!


jenlarson said...

Who knew a pineapple could make such a pretty house plant? Very cool!
Glad to see you posting again!!

Victoria Strauser said...

It really was a fun experiment - your kids would probably enjoy trying this!

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