Sunday, November 1, 2015

constant companions

karma overseeing work on the turkey townhouse

There are two sets of constant companions on our farm. One is the cats, especially Karma, who seems to feel it her duty to oversee every detail of our tasks.

karma is nearly fearless of heights and turkeys

yes, that is Karma on the roof of the turkey townhouse

The other is our small flock of Sweetgrass turkeys, who strut about each one trying to outdo the other and impress us with their talents. 

flock of Sweetgrass turkey toms strutting their stuff

Today we had the pleasure of both as we advanced our "replace-the-turkey-townhouse-floor" project. 

hardware cloth covers the dirt and rock floor to prevent rodents from digging into the pen

this maneuver concluded with Karma almost falling off the door but catching herself at the last moment

A few weekends ago we removed the rotted out floor. Last weekend a layer of rocks and dirt were hauled in, and today hardware cloth was put down. Next weekend, with any luck, new boards will top the wire. 

papa staples hardware cloth to the wall's edges

karma mastering the art of balance

those big blue eyes...

and whoops, there she goes

The jakes like to chase Karma whenever they can, but since she is close to fearless, she stays within close range despite the likelihood of a chasing. They don't seem bent on real damage, and with a couple of bounds they give up the chase. In turn she chases the Sweetgrass hens whenever she can. 

old floor boards from the turkey townhouse

Mojo tempered his fear of the turkeys by overseeing from within the trailer, safely outside of the turkeys' vision. 

mojo plays it safe

Cheers -
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