Sunday, November 1, 2015

rumpless roo

Allspice, our little bantam Ameraucana, has molted his tail

It's molting time again, that time of year when the daylight is shortest and chickens tend to molt their feathers and regrow them, sometimes in funny ways.

Our little Ameraucana rooster, Allspice, has molted his tail, which makes his already diminutive stature even more so.

Here he was before:

Allspice in all his feathered glory

But that doesn't deter his gargantuan spirit.

Despite Pullet Surprise being over twice his size, Allspice still rules the roost around here.

Pullet Surprise, our Wellsummer rooster

Tail or no tail.

Allspice is the king of the roost on this farm

And that's no "tall tale."

Cheers -
gypsy farmgirl loves a tall tale and a rumpless roo


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