Monday, May 8, 2017

that fleeting moment of peace

goofing around at Kinney Valley Alpacas, Ontario, WI

Ever have one of those moments where everything seems right in the world?

Not that everything is done on your "to-do" list, because it never is.

But there are no critters loose or injured or sick. The day is sunny but cool enough to work comfortably. 

There are no bugs. The pastures are green and growing, And you are getting sh*t done.

You look around, and all the creatures seem content, and everything seems ok.

You have this moment of peace and calm.

You sit or stand and look around, amazed and grateful.

enjoying a peaceful moment at Kinney Valley Alpacas, Ontario, WI

Of course all hell breaks loose soon after.

Something is sick or injured or dying or loose (or all 4), or mother nature is wreaking havoc.

And once again you question why you do what you do, and if it was your fault that something went wrong.

But for that one brief moment in time, everything was right.

Or mostly anyway.

And you try to hold onto that moment. So that when the bad days happen, as they always do, if you're very, very lucky, those moments, and your friends and family, will prop you up, until the good moments overshadow the bad ones again.

Cheers - 


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