Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby pics

Grace Kelly and I got a chance to visit Miss Grace and all of the other babies (and mamas) at Spirit Song last weekend. This it the first chance I've had to post pics. Amazing how much time pulling weeds and mucking the barn have been taking lately.

a Grazing Grace Here's the newest little guy, who we had not met before - a little male out of Calista who has not yet been named. He appears to be fawn but has a very interesting color and fleece style, and also a grey smudge on his face. His sire is grey. Calista's cria We think he's quite beautiful. And he came right up to me and greeted me, too. ain't I a cutie? And then there is the group of look-alikes, all beige or very light fawn. The little one in the middle is a baby girl, as yet unnamed, out of Brussaria. we match! hello! Here's Calista's little guy again. watchin' the world So much cuteness in one little package. I'm cute On Sunday, since it was National Alpaca Farm Days, we stopped by one of our neighboring farms, Litte Gidding Farm Suris and fell in love with this little guy, Joe. Perhaps we need a suri in our field of huacayas?? We love the light fawn color, in both suris and huacayas! baby Joe

A delightful weekend all around, and gorgeous weather. I can only hope the weather holds out a bit longer until our barn is mucked and the pastures tilled... but alas, you never can depend on the weather in MN this time of the year. Just enjoy it while it lasts.

Cheers -


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