Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poo Management

The Bobcat came today! After waiting a week for them to come, they were finally able to fit us in around their harvesting schedule. Brian called yesterday to set up an 8:00am arrival and arrived promptly at 7:40am - while we were still scrambling into our work clothes, just out of bed.

He quickly had the entire area around the barn which had been built up about 2' in hay and manure, moved over into a large pile for composting. Then he leveled off the remaining areas and was done within an hour. Since we had all that muscle on hand, we also had him pull up this fence post which had broken off and was a hazard in the field, and a couple of t-posts we need to relocate. He used some of it the drier poo to fill in some of the lower areas in the front pasture.

All the poo I mucked out of the barn was also moved away from the barn. Sing it with me, "I can see clearly now the poo is gone!" Sorry. Couldn't help myself there.

We now have all of our "poop-in-a-group." And the pasture is ready to harrow and come spring, seed. Well except for the corner with the brush pile and big pile 'o weeds... but one step at a time, eh? Can you see me in the pic below? I'm near the fence, to the right of the manure pile. That's one big pile 'o poo! The new garden beds we're building are going to love this stuff. We're going to layer it with leaves and kitchen scraps and compost it (little by little). And next spring I'll plant my seeldings into the rich dirt and remember the back-breaking work I did mucking out the barn. And it will, as they say, be well worth it. Blessings!


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