Monday, November 29, 2010


I have a confession to make. I have been using treats to train the boys to come in from the pastures whenever I go out to the barn. Most of the time, it is purely for their benefit. They get to chow down on their apples and carrots and don't have a care in the world. Boo's treats But sometimes... when I get them in the catch pen, we work on haltering or leading or (gasp!) herd management chores like taking temps or even (gross!) fecal samples or getting shots. Boo If your 'pacas aren't trained to come in for some kind of signal, if they run away whenever they see a hooman in their territory, it's awfully, awfully hard to get them into an area where you can safely contain and work with them. They were only eating pasture when they arrived here, no grain, no hay. So they never voluntarily came into the barn or the catch pen area before. But apples, apples have lured them in. At first, only Honeywiese was brave enough to check out the white dog bowl with apple chunks in it. The boys But over time, even Boo got in on it. And now, he is the first one to stand at the gate waiting to be let in. We may, however, have to work on curbing his enthusiasm. He's getting a little spitty around the treat bowl. C-baby found out first-hand yesterday, when she got a carrot-chunk hair spray. Manners are always required, even if you are an alpaca. Boo will soon learn that spitting will cost him his treats altogether. And then, you know what he'll say... Boo hoo! "Boo-hoo!!!" Sorry. I'm a sucker for a bad pun. Cheers!


J said...

Seems like Boo is protective of his new found treats, though who wouldn't be when apples are involved. Good luck, though it seems like you are really gaining their trust.

Victoria Strauser said...

Thanks J. Every day is a new adventure. Tomorrow they get a new buddy, so it will be a whole new experience!

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