Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calm between the storms

These pictures were actually taken last weekend, on Sunday, after the big blizzard on Saturday. We got roughly 17" of snow Saturday. Winds gusted to 40mph, temps below zero, wind chills twenty below and more. I guess I've been too tired this week to post these pics. Something about shoveling wipes me out. Which is too bad, since there is a fresh 6" on the ground this morning and no signs of letting up. Here is a view towards the barn. Please note when I posted this post after Thanksgiving, we had just received the disk tiller from my dad, which we parked, easily, next to the studio. It is now buried, only the hitch visible in the snowbank. can you spot the disk tiller? The yard between our driveway and the fence is snowbank upon snowbank from plowing. snowbanks The small bucket I put over the water hydrant handle looks like some sort of gnome hat. gnome hat? Here is the driveway on Sunday, before Pappa Bear plowed it out again (after plowing it completely on Sat.). Looks pretty good, eh? No problem! clean driveway? Here is PB plowing the "clean" driveway. Lots of snow to move still. Here is is nearly done, all re-plowed. Of course the boys had to come out to watch. Boo & Honeywiese Monet & Boo They've been spending a lot of time in the barn lately, out of the wind, munching on grass hay. Lucky boys. Monet


J said...

I hate to think what a feat it would be to clean out snow without that atv. I should have nothing to complain about the weather here, seeing all that snow; fun as a kid, a pain as an adult to shovel it all. Good luck.

Victoria Strauser said...

I am very grateful we have the ATV and got the plow put on it before all the big snow hit us. We would have had to hire someone to plow us out otherwise. Cheers -

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