Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Good. And the Bad. And the Good. And the Bad.

We got another, oh, 100" of snow on Friday. OK, so maybe it was only 10". The good news is, we recently got a snowplow blade for our ATV. Pappa Bear The bad news is, one of the back tires was very, very flat. So Pappa Bear took it off Friday morning so we could drop it off in Waconia and have it repaired by the time he came home that night, so he could plow us out after the storm. The bad news is, they couldn't repair it. The bad news is, they didn't carry that tire. The bad news is, you have to replace both back tires if you replace one. The good news is, the Goodyear store in Waconia could order them and have them in Saturday morning. The bad news is, it snowed 10" Friday night. PB shoveling The good news is, it was light and fluffy snow and a sunshiny day. Gorgeous. The bad news is, despite having a brand new snowplow in the garage, we had to shovel ourselves out today, including a good chunk of the driveway. The good news is, Pappa Bear got the car into Waconia (with the second rear tire of the ATV) and got two brand new tires. The bad news is, we just bought this ATV (used) two months ago and hadn't even driven it enough to warrant replacing two tires. The bad news is, the battery also needed replacing. replacing the battery The good news is, Pappa Bear remembered to pick one up Friday night when he was in Waconia seeing about the flat tire. The bad news is, after shoveling ourselves out, driving into Waconia to get two new tires and coming back home and putting them on, Pappa Bear discovered they sold us the wrong battery. The good news is, Waconia had the right battery. Pappa Bear just had to make yet another trip to Waconia. The good news is, after all of this run-around, the tires and new battery worked and we were able to plow the rest of the driveway. The good news is, I learned to drive the ATV AND use the plow. plowing The bad news is, I made a snow angel and got snow up the back of my Carhartts. The good news is, I went for a long snowshoe hike around the yard in the sunshine. The good news is, the boys looked like angels in the snowy white pasture today while they following me around on my snowshoes. The good news is, the sunset was brilliant. Sunset across the fields

The end. The beginning. Amen.


Unknown said...

The best news is that there are some places, like Woodside, where if it snows on a cold winter day, the snow melts within hours! The bad news is that most of our friends and family living in the snowy parts are frozen in for the season so can't come to visit!

Victoria Strauser said...

Yes, that is the good news and the bad! But sometimes your northern friends DO come and visit!

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