Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonderful Things - Saturday

This weekend was chock-full of (mostly) wonderful things (not including 4.5 hours running errands, and several hours preparing tax return documents). Here are some of the highlights. This new shelf & bins, from Home Depot - for seed-starting! (Still need to add my lights, and pot up some 38 varieties of veggies, herbs & flowers which will go into my four Square Foot Gardens which are currently buried by 3' of snow). More on this project in the days to come! seed-starting system! A stop in Chaska at The Vintage Cottage, which is open only 3 days/month. This cute little silver butter dish was first in our list. It even has a removable glass liner. Sigh. We have been shopping for the perfect butter dish for eons. Our search has now officially ended. butter! I am always on the look-out for items to put into the vintage tin can camper travel trailer that I am also on the lookout for. Like this little cutie, a 1966 Coachman Travel Trailer I spotted at the 2010 Junk Bonanza by Claire of The Hog Shed. If I had had $6600 and if Papa's head didn't graze the ceiling, it would be in my backyard as I write. canned ham! I already have my color theme picked out (as the trailer indicates) - red, white and black. And my collection of camper items is growing! vintage linens! I picked up a tablecloth and 7 place mats, all in a variety of red on white patterns. I love LOVE the chickens on this one! I can't wait to get some chickens this spring! chickens! White glass mixing bowls, in two sizes! The little one even has a pour spout! Egads! glass mixing bowls! I had to leave the store before I also picked up a set of canisters with the Fat Chef on them (also in red, white and black), a Detecto kitchen scale, a heavy metal cow watering bowl, an old wagon, and about a bazillion other things I'd like to have taken home with me. Unfortunately, my allowance is not nearly as great as my desire for cute kitchen stuff. But just down the block, at Linda's Cellar, I managed to find some white and red enamelware to go with my growing collection (I did not yet have this size mixing bowl, nor did I have a double boiler, nor did I have any saucepan lids... so I felt justified). Besides, the total for all of this was less than $10! enamelware! Help! I can't stop using exclamation points! OK, that about wraps it up for Saturday. Much too much shopping, albeit I got some rather spiffy stuff. The rest of the night was spent doing taxes (pooie). More good stuff coming from Sunday's adventures! Stay tuned! Maybe I'll even get my exclamations under control! !!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you are not Perfect, you are at least a great writer! I've loved reading it. Thanks for all the posts.
I'm hoping to build a chicken hoop house, so all the stuff on building yours was very helpful!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you so much for the best compliment I could ever hope for! I hope you find some helpful or inspiration stuff around here. I have lots of great ideas for posts this spring and summer! Happy Chicken Keeping!

Unknown said...

I am wondering if you purchesed the red and white camper and if so could you please contact me or if not do you know who has it thank you

Victoria Strauser said...

Sorry I missed your comment db Cooper - no we did not purchase it, and I do not know if they sold it. You'd have to track down the folks at the Hog Shed in MN.


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