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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Muir Woods, Sausalito, CA

Lowell, Muir Woods Lowell and I visited Muir Woods yesterday. The weather forecast was for sun Saturday morning, and rain Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, so we decided to sneak a trip up there and try to beat the showers. I'm so happy we did. Despite the fact all the parking was full and we had to walk about a half mile from our parking space to get to the park... Despite the fact we randomly picked a benign sounding trail to follow called Ocean View Trail... bigarse hill Despite the fact that this sweet sounding trail happens to contain one bigarse hill of which I cannot write the actual nickname we gave it... Vick enjoying ?Ocean View? Despite the fact that "Ocean View" is a misnomer... Ocean View? Despite the fact this trail took us 2.5 hours to climb (1.2 miles) and .5 hours to descend and my recently exercised San Carlos hill-climbing calves were screaming at me and hunger was chewing its way through my stomach (no food allowed in the park)... Redwoods, Muir Woods It was, truly, amazing. Muir Woods And the smells... oh my, the smells were like nothing you've ever smelled before. Pine and warmth and sunshine and running water and moss and ferns and living breathing trees. smell the pine After all of that hiking and breathing and screaming calves, we needed some rest and sustenance, so we headed into Sausalito and found a charming Italian place called Poggio. After ordering ourselves a Ciao Bella! (a drink of grapefruit juice spiked with Caravella Limoncello decorated with a twist of lemon peel), I had the Di Pollo insalate, which consisted of oak-roasted chicken, pear, candied walnuts, radicchio, and red onion. This was served with hot, crusty Italian breads, by a hot, crusty Italian named Alexander. In other words, yummy topped with yummy served with a side of yummy. Did I mention it was all very yummy? I think we died and went to heaven and when we were resuscitated, we were still in heaven. You'd think a day like this couldn't be topped. However, while we were making the long drive home from Sausalito, Frank was making crab dip with the fresh dungeness crab we cracked Friday night after the crab dinner party Lowell and Frank threw for a few of their friends. The dip was hot out of the oven when we got home. Yummy is a gross understatement. Frank is my new hero. Lowell & Frank crackin' crabs And just because every trip north of SF deserves a grainy photo of the Golden Gate Bridge shot from a moving vehicle, here it is. Golden Gate Bridge Salute!


Unknown said...

My favorite blog! I love the way you describe the smells in the park and your beautiful pictures make me feel like I am there as well. Those trees are absolutely gorgeous!

Victoria Strauser said...

Thank you luv! Means a lot coming from you!

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