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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I can't believe another week has flown by already. Papa Bear and I have been trying to balance "busyness" with rest, as we've both been under the weather lately.

Last weekend we put up a bunch of rebar posts and electric polywire to keep the boys out of all the wet areas of the pasture. I bought the rebar posts used from a neighbor farmer. I love finding reusable things for the farm.

So far, they've not been challenging them, despite the yearlings getting rowdier as they wrestle each other for position in the herd.

The front pasture is resembling a small lake more and more every day.  And the pond, well, I think the pond has dreams of becoming an inland sea.

After the fencing was all up and tested (yep, tested it with the back of my fingers - the hotwires worked!), PB wanted to redo the tubing that drains water away from the house when the sump pump runs.  Because it froze solid so many times this winter, he ended up wrapping the whole thing in insulation and heat cable, then encasing it in another tube. 

The challenging part is, the sump pump(s) run at least once every five minutes.  Usually when you are removing the tubing to fix something.  The bare tube on the right is the extra one we popped on the outflow pipe while we were working on the one on the left. Just in case.

The big tube in PB's hands is the outer one that goes over the tube/insulation/heating cord. It has pleats which make it expand from 6' to 20' when the pleats are all pulled out.  They are hard to pop open, but they make a really cool noise, echoing down all that tubing.

It's the little things that amuse us folks in the country.

Like moving my outdoor furniture from the snow-filled firepit in the back yard, up into the front porch. On a sunny day it gets fairly warm on the porch, and now I can sit out there and enjoy it along with the cats.

And of course, more seed-starting.  I planted nearly 3 dozen leeks, 3 dozen more onions (third batch of onions!) and several varieties of herbs.  I use little labels on toothpicks to identify them in the small cell packs.

My bell pepper sprouts are growing like crazy, considering they just broke through a day ago!  The seeds were several years old so I planted quite a few in each pot, thinking I wouldn't get very many sprouts. 

Uh oh, looks like I'll be making more room in the garden for peppers! 

How are you spending this week? Has the weather warmed up in your area?  If so, send some warmth my way!


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