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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miss Grace

I had the privilege of visiting Miss Grace yesterday where she boards at Spirit Song Alpacas in Lindstrom, MN.

What a perfect day for it!


After greeting Sadie, the Great Pyrenees, and all the babies and the mamas in the front pastures, we led Grace and another of Betty’s alpacas, Savory, outside of the gated pasture for their very first time.


Despite the newness of their surroundings, Grace did great.   I was very impressed by how well she walked on lead. Nothing like the first couple of times I worked with my yearling boys!

Savory & Grace

Grace, please remember how you did that today, when we take you into the show ring next Saturday. Your mama Brigid was a spit-fire at her first shows, rearing up and then throwing herself on the ground, legs flailing, even kicking the judge. Despite her bad behavior she managed to take home a blue ribbon from the Madison show. We’d love a blue, but could do without the drama-queen antics.

Despite Brigid’s juvenile drama, she is the calmest dam we could ever hope for. Even at 11 months gestation last June, I could walk right up to her and place my hands on her sides, feel her baby (Grace!) kicking. Yesterday we walked right up to her outside the barn and she stood nice and still while I haltered her, then led her into the barn, up to the scale in the chute, and back to the pen for her worming shot.

Savory & Grace

With Grace’s calmness even at her younger age, I can only hope she grows up as mellow as her mama.

As with all visits to the farm, all too soon, it was time to bid Betty & Dave good-bye and start the long drive home again.

I can’t believe we will all be at the show next weekend, biting our nails and hoping Grace remembers her good manners from today.

What exciting things are coming up for you this next week?


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