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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peeps, 48 hours old


So the peeps are now 48 hours old. I feel like I have made it past a major hurdle, although I realize they are still fragile.

I have learned a lot already. 

The large plastic bin we started with as a brooder was quickly upgraded to the small horse trough.  Peeps are tiny now, but they didn't look roomy enough in the plastic bin we set up at first.

One solitary peep chirping can make enough noise to wake me up from a sound sleep. Once woken up, my half-asleep mind will torture me with thoughts that the door latch unlatched and the cats are torturing the babies.

A trip upstairs in the dark to find out what was wrong will yield nothing out of order.  All is silent in the brooder when I arrive.

The Silkie looks a little frazzled because he/she had a few drops of milk drip in his/her head. I tried to wash them off, when I was giving him/her a crusty-butt bath, but it dried in sort of a gangsta do. 

Despite his/her smaller size, this peep is SPUNKY!  He/she's got more pep than all of the other chicks, always right in the middle of the action, even when the very large Rhode Island Reds are involved.

Aren't the feathers and coloring beautiful on this Rhode Island Red?  I am just blown away by these colorful chicks. 
Most of the chicks complained when I removed them from their brooder, but once they were out, they settled down nicely on my hand. 

But lest I forget all the rest of the critters still needing care tonight, 3 cats and 3 alpacas and dinner for me and sweetie, I suppose I must tear myself away from these adorable creatures and move on to other tasks.

Fairwell for now, my sweet peeps.


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